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Double Glazed Unit with one piece flasshing to suit corrugated roof

Product Description

Non-combustible double-glazed bushfire rated
Glass skylight (CSIRO tested)
Corrugated double glazed skylight
Additional Notes

  • For custom sizes – POA
  • Suitable pitch – 6°- 40°
  • Vented and non-vented options
  • Technical data chart for glazing
    performance page 19
  • For units flashed on the long side,
    reverse size when ordering

Glazing Options Available
Standard Glazing

Double glazed Low E (IGU) high performance
safety glass with toughened outer panel, 12mm
argon gas void, laminated inner panel in clear
or tint (T)

White Translucent
Double-glazed high-performance safety glass
with toughened outer panel and 12mm argon
gas void, white laminated inner panel

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