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Accessories and Components

Natural Lighting Products is your one-stop shop for finding skylight blinds, architraves, diffusers, and any other accessories you might need to deliver natural light into your home or office. Our agents and distributors can be found across Australia, so head on to our agent’s page to find the closest one near you.

Acrylic Domes and Trims

Square or rectangular domes available in a range of standard sizes and types. Available in Clear, Tint or Opal.

Category: Acrylic Domes and Trims, Accessories
Brand: Natural Lighting

Solar Blinds for Keylite Skylights

Create atmosphere with our specially designed Style Collection blinds. Control, block and soften daylight for every mood and every space at home.

Category: Solar Blinds, Accessories
Brand: Keylite

Solar Blinds for INFINITI Skylights

Solar-powered white honeycomb blinds for the INFINITI range of flat roof skylights. Available in all 8 sizes.

Category: Solar Blinds, Accessories

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