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Double glazed replacement acrylic skylight tops

Natural Lighting Canberra is highly experienced in installing skylights across Canberra, but we are also a replacement specialist. The skylight replacements are versatile enough for all types of installations and we’ll ensure that our replacement skylight installations that are perfect for all our clients regardless of their needs. This team of skylight experts has established relationships with the best suppliers in the nation who are committed to providing high-quality panels. There are many different shapes and sizes for your replacement acrylic top, and we’ll find the perfect one for you. 

Natural Lighting Canberra relies on a high-quality product range, and we have a wide range of acrylic skylight tops in stock and they are manufactured to the highest standard. AYG Skylight replacement tops are made with sustainably sourced, durable acrylic material. We’re very transparent about the pricing of our installations and you’re welcome to give us a call. We’ll share everything you need to know related to your new replacement skylight. Even if your needs don’t fall in line with the standard materials then that will help speed up the process, however, we can also custom fit a replacement skylight top. 

Benefits of AYG Skylight’s replacement acrylic tops

One thing you can trust us for is double-glazed skylight seals that have multi-year warranties and are designed to be tough against failure by the manufacturers. Acrylic is a material that appropriately expands and contracts from thermal expansion. 

Skylight maintenance & repair

Skylights that need major maintenance usually are because of issues in the installation process. Experienced skylight installers should ensure that the fit is correct. The correct fit is important because that ensures longevity and a skylight that lasts for a long time. They may also have air-tight waterproofing which will stop leaks and their development of them. This is one of many installation considerations when it comes to skylights. 

Your skylights should be properly inspected at least once a year because they can be affected by various environmental elements and build-up around the skylight. Depending on where your skylight is located it may require something more frequent but regardless of this, we’re here to help maintain the good condition of your skylight without fail. AYG skylights are supposed to be cleaned and looked after because of environmental elements. At least once per year, we can come to your property to clean your skylight professionally and check for any structural deficiencies. Try to avoid using solvents and thinners if you clean them yourself. 

Use professional technicians

You should only rely on highly professional skylight contractors and avoid inexperienced companies that aim to deliver lacklustre results. The consequences may be more than you imagine. Skylights that are not installed appropriately will often be vulnerable to too much sun exposure and inadequate sealants or waterproofing used. Even with this in mind, it requires professionals to guarantee good life expectancy for your skylight materials because this guarantees that you are protected from cracks and leaks. Skylights are exposed to moisture more often than other typical fixtures and that requires professional handiwork. 

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